2nd May 2019

Learning for turning?

Welcome to this first blog on my new website.  It’s taken me a long while to develop my own site, and I hope you think the result is informative and…

About Stephen Stirling

There can have been very little thinking, writing or policy- development in the sustainability education field, world -wide over the last 30 years that has not been informed to some extent by Stephen’s work. The impact on practitioners has been immense.

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My stuff

I’ve been been writing over many years, covering a wide range of topics; including the need for education systems to respond much more fully to global challenges and help ensure more sustainable futures.

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I’m able to offer a range of consultancy services that includes: research, advice, writing, editing, refereeing/commenting on proposals, workshops, and lecturing – including keynote addresses.

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“His work was hugely influential in the various initiatives across the full UK HE sector led by HEA’s 24 Subject Centres and their work on ESD. Stephen is internationally recognised as a leading figure in sustainability education and is a sought after figure in Australia.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania, former Director of the UK Higher Education Academy