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I’ve worked in environmental and sustainability education for over 40 years – and am fortunate to have built a reputation as one of the prime thought leaders in the field. We live in extra-ordinary times – of both threat and promise globally. So here’s the BIG question that I have asked myself and others over many years:

How should – and how can – education and learning be re-thought and re-configured to make a significant and central contribution to achieving a more sustainable and just world?

Deep questions are now being asked, more widely than ever before,  about education and about how far it’s contributing  – or not – towards making a liveable and sustainable future. Yet there is a long way to go to effect the kind of transformative and systemic changes that are urgently necessary.
 I hope you will find something on my site that will help you address this vital challenge within your own work or context. If you’re interested to dive into an introductory accessible guide to my work and ideas, please go straight to the ‘Key Ideas‘ section.
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“The volume of education has increased and continues to increase, yet so do pollution, exhaustion of resources, and the dangers of ecological catastrophe. If still more education is to save us, it would have to be education of a different kind: an education that takes us into the depth of things.”

E F Schumacher (written 1974, published 1997)

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‘Active retired’ as Emeritus Professor of Sustainabilty Education at the University of Plymouth, Stephen is available for some consultancy.

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“There can have been very little thinking, writing or policy- development in the sustainability education field, world -wide over the last 30 years that has not been informed to some extent by Stephen’s work. The impact on practitioners has been immense.”

Prof Steve Gough, University of Bath